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The Seedy Saturday Seed Exchange

Saturday, February 18, 10 am – 4 pm, at the Victoria Conference Centre, 720 Douglas Street

Do you have excess saved seed, either on purpose or by accident? They won’t last forever, so bring them along to the seed exchange, where you can make a trade or leave a donation.

Seed Exchange - 700x507Can I bring in any kind of seed?

Yes, the seed exchange takes any kind of seed collected from your garden – vegetables, herbs, and flowers. We also take bulbs and tubers.

Do the seeds have to be home-saved or can I bring in extra from bought packets?

Seeds need to be home saved. We don’t accept purchased seed.

How should I package the seeds?

If you’re pressed for time, you can bring seeds to the exchange in bulk, in something like a zip-loc bag. One kind per bag please.

If you have time, please package the seeds in smaller packets, more suitable for home growers.

How should I label them?

Please provide as much information as possible with the seeds: the name, variety or cultivar, year harvested, and any other information about its characteristics and preferred growing conditions that you know. To make it easy, just print these seed labels.

Where do I take them?

Please bring your seeds to the Seed Exchange area, located on the upper floor in the exhibit hall. along the wall furthest from the main entrance. Look for the sign high up on the wall at the far end of the room

How do I make a trade?

You can take one seed packet from the Seed Exchange for each packet (or equivalent in bulk) of seeds you bring in. The Seed Exchange volunteers will guide you through the process. (It’s easy & fun!)

What if I don’t have any seeds to trade? Can I still get seeds from the exchange?

Yes. If you’re a new gardener (or left your seeds on the kitchen table), you can buy seeds at the bargain rate of $1/packet.

What happens to the leftover seeds?

They get a free ride to Sooke. Seriously. Sooke holds its Seedy Saturday the week after ours, and our remaining stock becomes their opening stock. Pretty clever, eh?

Photo courtesy of Amalis Riera